Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Nanny's Favorite Expressions

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing a sweater from Anthropologie, C Wonder shoes,
 Pilcro and the Letterpress cords and a silk top by Vince.

Nanny was my father's mother. Her name was Sarah Virginia Covert Anderson. She was born in 1905 in a house in Downtown Fort Worth on Calhoun Street that had a carriage house in the back for the horse and buggy. Her father was a prominent doctor in Fort Worth. Her family later moved to a 4 story house on Hemphill, which was one of the first established streets outside of the Downtown area. The 4th floor of the house was a ballroom for entertaining. Dr. Covert took the trolley to the hospital and to see his patients or used a horse and buggy. Nanny married John L. Anderson who was a quarterback for TCU. They lived with Dr. and Mrs. Covert in the Hemphill house on one of the floors during the Depression. That is where my father and his brother grew up. They didn't leave until my father was in college, moving to a house on Hilltop. 

Nanny was a total character. She was notorious for talking immediately when you picked up the phone, without saying hello first and was brutally honest to everyone. She called mother one time and without greeting her announced, "WELL, they're robbing them LEFT and RIGHT up and down Camp Bowie."
She liked to call my father (a doctor) at work with "emergencies" that usually weren't emergencies at all. Most notably, she once called him out of surgery to make sure that he had anti-freeze in his car, because the weather was turning cold! 

When my parents met in high school, she promptly called One Mamma and said "Hello, this is Sarah Virginia Anderson, and mother and I would like to come meet you---my son says he's going to marry your daughter." One Mamma protested that they were only in high school, to which Nanny replied, "With all due respect Mrs. Greene, my son does absolutely everything he says he'll do, and if he thinks he's going to marry your daughter, then it WILL happen."

Here are some of Nanny's favorite expressions:

" Well it's the TRUTH!"---Nanny's favorite thing to say after delivering brutally honest news.

"That's the ticket!"---What she liked to say after finding a solution to anything.

"Well I HAVE to know!" Nanny needed her information early and often.

" What time?" She needed to know what time anything and everything was, and she was very serious about it!

"It was perfectly lovely." Her response after any event.

Last night for dinner we had leftover chicken chili from New Year's Day.

Love this song by The Spiral Starecase.

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