Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Turning Objects Into Lamps

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing a blouse and velvet jeans from Ann Taylor with a vintage ribbon and silver belt and shoes by Louis et Cie.

In the interior design world lamps are a dime a dozen, but it is almost always my preference to use antique lamps. Depending on the interior, it can sometimes be difficult to find an antique lamp that is the right size or scale, especially if I need something really small to illuminate a powder room counter or a book shelf. That is when I turn to making objects into lamps.

I will also periodically find a cool antique object that I know would make a fun lamp.
I will take it to my lamp vendor here in Fort Worth and have it mounted on a base---sometimes wooden, sometimes brass or nickel and sometimes acrylic, wired through a metal rod and with a shade and harp added on top. This gives you a unique lamp that no one else will have and it is something of a conversation piece.

Here are some objects turned into lamps in my own house that I just adore.
Often, the lamps that I had made from objects become my most favorite accessories and I know that my clients feel the same way.

Love this little bronze dog on a wooden base.

Antique porcelain vases are great objects to be turned into lamps. This one looks right at home with my collection of Herend.

I would love to hear from all my readers! Do you have any objects turned lamps in your home? If not, are there any vases or accessories that you have considered having made into a lamp?

Last night for dinner I made turkey burgers with brussel sprouts.

Love this song by Sunny Side Up.

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