Monday, January 11, 2016

The "Lounge Lizard" Chair

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing AG jeans, a Haltom top, an Ann Taylor sweater and Banana Republic shoes.

One of the most important elements when designing someone's home is comfort. It is all well and good for something to be beautiful, but comfort is paramount. This is especially true in Master Bedrooms, Studies and where you watch TV.

This is why I employ the "lounge lizard" chair in almost every home I ever design. What's a lounge lizard chair you ask? Allow me to translate my Kay-ism. It's a very comfortable chair that comes up high on your back, is deep and has either a down or blend-down fill---When you sit in it, you immediately say..."Ahh...".

I have various favorites of the lounge lizard chair among my vendors. No matter which I am ordering, it's important that the chair have a premium fill, cushions that you sink into and a comfortable fabric. I usually prefer a soft woven or a chenille fabric--but sometimes I will also do a cotton or a linen, depending on the room. The most important thing where fabric is concerned is that it is soft to the touch.

Here are some of my favorite lounge lizard chairs.

One of my favorites in a showroom.

In a client's living room.

Another version of a lounge lizard chair on the other side of the sofa.

Three lounge lizards in a row in a client's study.

Because I am 5 foot 10 barefooted, I am a very good judge of how a man would sit in a chair. Thank you god for giving me this special talent!

Do tell, do you have any lounge lizard chairs in your home?

Love this song!

I thought to switch things up, I'd show breakfast for a change. This is my usual breakfast---scrambled eggs with just a pinch of cheese, bacon (and sometimes turkey bacon) and hot tea. Protein is a great way to start any morning!

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