Friday, October 30, 2015

Fun Night at the TCU Game

My grandfather was TCU's quarterback in the early 1900's and because of that, we had long standing season tickets on the 50 yard line. However, once the new stadium was built, our seats were relocated to a much less desirable location and we cancelled them a few years ago. 

Now we really only go to TCU games when friends of ours with tickets invite us to join them.
Last night, we were invited to the game by our dear friends, Suzanne and Kevin Levy, who we have known for years as my twins and their youngest song, Stephen grew up together and are still the best of friends.

To the game I wore: new black jeans from Ann Taylor, J.Crew patent leather pointed toe flats, a blouse from Tahari and a scarf by Sonya Rykiel.

We went to the tailgate first, just around the time it was turning to dusk. 

My badge for the Champions Club

The main area of the Champions Club is fabulous----It was very nicely done by TCU.

The sunset was beautiful over the stadium as the game started.

I know most people drink beer or cocktails at sporting events, but I am a Chardonnay gal, 
tried and true.

Nick, Suzanne and Stephen

Riley and me

Suzanne and me

Riley always wears her custom made boots to games. They have the TCU logo on the front, Tri-Delt logo on the back and her initials on the side.

Stephen, Camille, Riley and Grace

Riley and Stephen

The stadium after the game. The moon was so glorious shining over the stadium.

It was a great game against West Virginia and we won!

Love this Sunny Side Up song---It is the cutest song ever!

We had dinner at the game last night so I got another break from cooking. Not to worry, I'll be back at it tonight. I am making lamb chops with broccoli and an arugula salad.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Editor's Note: Today I am exercising the ultimate high-low. I am wearing a dark grey knit dress by Diane von Furstenberg, Armani heels, and a camel cardigan (which has a touch of gold shimmer if you get really close to it) from New York & Company.

I've said before that I require being surrounded by my favorite things. One of these favorites that I must have in every room are photographs of family and friends.

I encourage clients to do the same for a few reasons. First, it is a pet peeve of mine when a room looks like a showroom or a hotel. I like interiors to be personal, and apart from surrounding yourself with favored colors and your most cherished antiques, photos are a wonderful way to incorporate personality.

Bookcases in my family room.
 As you can see, I have decorative accessories throughout, but it is primarily filled with family photos.

Visitors love standing here and looking at each picture. It's really a window into your life.

Even in my more formal areas I will have a few of my favorite pictures mixed among my crystal and
antique silver.

My dressing table, which you have seen previously has tons of family photos. They make me smile every morning while I get ready.

My daughter, Riley is an apple that did not fall far from the tree---she too has pictures all over her room.

Even though I am an interior designer, I did allow her to tape party pictures all over her door at home.
Her friends used to call it "the wall of fame".

I even have picture frames surrounding my dressing room sink. Family pictures are truly in every space in my house. I cannot get enough of them. You may call me sentimental, but I see it as my and my family's personality radiating through my home.

Of course our song of the day is "The Way We Were" or as most people would call it "Memories".
One of my favorites. It is a classic and almost always makes me tear up.

I did not cook dinner last night because I was at a friend's birthday gathering at Rivercrest Country Club's beautiful bar.
Happy Thursday and a good luck to the Horned Frogs on tonight's game against West Virginia.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Shopping List

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing a pleated black skirt from Anthropologie, a blouse and pearl encrusted cardigan from Ann Taylor, and Claudia Ciuti slingback kitten heels.

One of the reasons that I chose Wednesday as my routine "Dallas Day" is that it's in the middle of the week. On Monday and Tuesday we are usually meeting with clients, making a list of what we need, we execute on Wednesday in Dallas and we present or deliver on Thursday and Friday.
Obviously every week is different so that is not a hard and fast rule, but it's generally how things go.

Yesterday we met with a long time client of mine who's house we're doing a bit of a refresh on, and we were discussing her sons bedroom, which is being re-painted and we are adding a new bed/bedding/ reupholstered some existing items. We needed a few furniture pieces to complete the room. The items on our "grocery list" as I call it were night stands, a pair of lamps, a shelf to put collectibles on and some art.

I don't always know exactly what I'm after, especially when I'm searching for antiques, but I find that once i settle on one item, the room starts to take shape and fall into place.

We started our Dallas day at Antique Row---a favorite of mine. 
I loved these antique bamboo tables I found.

An antique barley twist bench.

I was absolutely head over heels for this pine chest! It has such interesting lines.

These bamboo hat racks are a favorite of mine.

This small pine side table was a perfect fit for the slightly rustic vibe we were after.

I also loved this shelf---perfect for displaying small collections.

These carved wooden lamps make such a statement.

A simple rustic wooden bench. 

After we did some antiquing, it was time to search for art.

I did these aerial maps of Fort Worth for a client last year and they are very cool.
They were the perfect look for my client's son's room.

I also love these prints of Republic of Texas currency---great for someone that loves Texas heritage or is a history buff.

On the way back we had a little sing along in the car.
Yet another piece of evidence that I need to be singing and dancing wherever I go!

Clearly what has me singing and dancing today is Sugar, Sugar by The Archies.

Last night for dinner I made rack of lamb and sliced roasted eggplant.
Here are the prep pictures and the final product.