Friday, October 23, 2015

Party at Leddy's!

The Fall is full of fun events and one that I have really looked forward to the last few years is the Customer Appreciation Party for Leddy's Boots.

My very good friends, Martha and Wilson Franklin own Leddy's and I love going to the event to celebrate their wonderful business.

The party was last night and I took mother as my date. I wore a top from Banana Republic, a leather Vince skirt, and custom black cowboy boots from Leddy's.

Last year, we had our daughter's deb party together.

My Riley, along with Martha's daughter Chandler (pictured below with mother and me), and their friends Claire and Abby were all debutantes together at Steeplechase in 2014, followed by their deb party this past May with a Some Like it Haute theme as a nod to the chic South Beach scene in Miami.

The party was fabulous as usual and mother had a great time as my date.
She loves a chance to wear her beautiful western garb she's collected over the years in Santa Fe.

Martha, Wendy (the third party in our deb group---we missed you Mary Louise!! Wendy is Claire's mom) and me.

They catered Lonesome Dove which was delicious!

The man Mom is talking to here does custom jewelry and handbags for Leddy's. His name is Bobby Woodward with Woodward's Fine Exotic Leathers.

He also did these custom chairs for The Zac Brown Band for his tour bus.

Mom and I got a private tour of Martha and Wilson's upstairs office.
Wilson is a descendant of the original owners of Leddy's and he and Martha now own and run the show!

Martha's daughter, Chandler and her brother Parker as little kids in their western wear!

A picture of Leddy's first booth at the Houston Rodeo.

These interestingly shaped boxes are for hats.

The little boots Martha is holding were Wilson's son's boots when he came home from the hospital.

Martha and Mom

Martha, Mom and Me.

Mom and Wilson

Thank you again to Martha and Wilson for a wonderful and fun filled evening at Leddy's!
If you haven't before, be sure to check them out. Their boots are absolutely fabulous and top quality.
I can't get enough of mine!

I've gotten two treat nights of not cooking, but not to worry, the cooking queen will be back at it tonight. I will be making Tilapia again since I need to get into a ballgown next Saturday night!

I was listening to country music last night while I dressed for the event,
 and I was loving this Kenny Chesney tune!

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