Friday, October 16, 2015

Family Trip to LSU!

Today we are headed to LSU to visit my son, Harrison for a family trip to see LSU play Florida.
This is Harrison's senior year, although he will stay on another year to get his Master's in Accounting.
Harrison is a Sigma Nu and has absolutely loved LSU and his fraternity.

Harrison has always been a great kid----He is incredibly smart and has a great personality.
LSU has only magnified every wonderful quality that he already possessed.

He really has a can-do, zest for life type of attitude. He's picked up so many hobbies while at LSU, including but not limited to becoming an avid hunter and fisherman.

Unfortunately I've been too busy these last couple of years to go up to LSU for a football game---I haven't been since his freshman year---so this being his senior year, I was determined to get us up there!

Here are some tailgating pictures from the past few years. You can tell how he's grown in just a few short years---my how time flies!


Dinner at Juban's in 2012---The weekend we brought him to school.


My twins, Harrison and Riley in 2012
Riley has gone up for a bunch of LSU football games and this weekend will be no exception.

Friends at an LSU game in 2013

A couple of years ago, Harrison brought 13 friends to stay at our house for the weekend for the TCU vs. LSU game. I'll admit that I was nervous about feeding and housing 13 frat boys in my house, but it turned out to be one of the best weekends of my life. They were all perfect gentlemen---chalk that up to good Southern raising!

My twins in 2013

H&R with their friend Max at LSU in 2014

Last year at the Sigma Nu Mother's Weekend brunch at Juban's.

This cover of a Garth Brooks song has me oh so pumped for the weekend ahead!
Geaux Tigers!

Since I had to pack last night to go to LSU, I did an easier dinner and grilled chicken and served it with salad. 

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