Friday, October 30, 2015

Fun Night at the TCU Game

My grandfather was TCU's quarterback in the early 1900's and because of that, we had long standing season tickets on the 50 yard line. However, once the new stadium was built, our seats were relocated to a much less desirable location and we cancelled them a few years ago. 

Now we really only go to TCU games when friends of ours with tickets invite us to join them.
Last night, we were invited to the game by our dear friends, Suzanne and Kevin Levy, who we have known for years as my twins and their youngest song, Stephen grew up together and are still the best of friends.

To the game I wore: new black jeans from Ann Taylor, J.Crew patent leather pointed toe flats, a blouse from Tahari and a scarf by Sonya Rykiel.

We went to the tailgate first, just around the time it was turning to dusk. 

My badge for the Champions Club

The main area of the Champions Club is fabulous----It was very nicely done by TCU.

The sunset was beautiful over the stadium as the game started.

I know most people drink beer or cocktails at sporting events, but I am a Chardonnay gal, 
tried and true.

Nick, Suzanne and Stephen

Riley and me

Suzanne and me

Riley always wears her custom made boots to games. They have the TCU logo on the front, Tri-Delt logo on the back and her initials on the side.

Stephen, Camille, Riley and Grace

Riley and Stephen

The stadium after the game. The moon was so glorious shining over the stadium.

It was a great game against West Virginia and we won!

Love this Sunny Side Up song---It is the cutest song ever!

We had dinner at the game last night so I got another break from cooking. Not to worry, I'll be back at it tonight. I am making lamb chops with broccoli and an arugula salad.

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