Monday, October 19, 2015

Fabulous LSU Weekend!

The weekend visiting my "H-Man" as I call Harrison, was even more fabulous than expected. I always cherish any time I get to spend with my now grown up children, but this weekend definitely had a certain charm that is typical of beautiful fall weekends in the Deep South.

After a long drive on Friday (Baton Rouge is about a 7 hour drive from Fort Worth) we checked into the hotel and got ready to go to an early dinner at Juban's---one of the best restaurants in Baton Rouge. 

**Editor's Note--Please excuse the messy towels---small hotel rooms are what they are.

We were joined by Harrison's good friend, James Chilcoat, who was also visiting for the weekend from University of Texas.

The food was fabulous as always, made even better by our wonderful young company.

On Saturday morning we got up and dressed for breakfast with my Uncle Jack and Aunt Judy (my mother's brother and his wife). Afterwards, we did a little shopping and then got ready to do to the game.

I topped my typical TCU Game Day purple with a yellow cardigan to "Tiger-Fy" myself.

Momma Kay has to dress for both teams---thank goodness they share the color purple!

Tiger Land is a sight to behold on game day.

I had so much fun being with the kids at the tailgate---brings me back to my Tulane days!

Of course there were a few stuffed Tigers to be seen.

We made our way into the game---which is really the thing to see. 
I have heard other schools tailgating scene and games said to be "bucket-list" items and LSU should be on yours for sure.

There's something about a college football game in the Deep South---no sporting event anywhere else is quite like it.

On Sunday we headed to breakfast and packed up our cars to get on the road. Before we left, we made a stop at Harrison's favorite hunting shop, Bowie Outfitters.

He has become such an avid hunter and fisher since starting at LSU, and I knew he might need some additions to his growing outdoor gear collection.

Trying out some firearms!

Riley did a little browsing of her own!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend with the family.
After another 7 hour trip West to Fort Worth, we met my mom at home for a simple dinner of Roast Chicken and Mac & Cheese----picked up from Central Market.
Even the cooking queen here sometimes tires after a long drive!

Love this Jess Glynne song---it has me ready to start my week off with a bang!

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