Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cheers to Entrepreneurs!

Editor's Note: Today I have on a Banana Republic skirt, a silk blouse from Theory, an Ann Taylor sweater and Anne Klein pumps.

In 1990, while I worked at The Market Antiques and Home Furnishings here in Fort Worth, I met a handsome man named Adrian Wright. Adrian and I worked together at the Market for years and have long been the best of friends.

Adrian Wright 

Adrian has a true entrepreneurial spirit, probably one of the reasons we get along so well, and he left the Market a couple of years before I did and opened Wright at Home. When I went out on my own in November of 2002, I thought briefly about opening a store of my own, but 9/11 having happened the year before, it was not the right time for me.
I decided to ask Adrian if I could come office out of his store. He agreed and we ran our new businesses side by side, sharing one office, one fax machine and one phone.

The newspaper article discussing my transition to Wright at Home.

Almost 13 years later, a lot has changed.

We moved across the street---and my now much larger office sits behind an expanded Wright at Home and Wrest, Adrian's third of his three stores. He also owns Wrare off of West 7th street. 

I now have two assistants and Adrian has more than 10 people working at his three stores.

Wright at Home as it looks today.

They sell all kinds of wonderful decor items, furniture, accessories, lamps, and gifts.

Wrest is on the left of Wright at Home and sells fabulous bedding. It is all high quality and gorgeous---I love selling it to my clients!

One of my client's daughter's, Reynolds Harvey started a new business recently, making beautiful handmade jewelry and selling it out of her mother's dining room. Together with her two sisters, Meryl and Tave she has formed Harvey Girls Jewelry and I have already gone back four times to purchase both gifts and pieces for myself.

The Harvey Girl's designs are fresh and fun and I have been buying them for everyone from friends of my college age daughter to my mother (who is, let's say past 32). 

I wish the Harvey Girls all the success in the world.
As a former small entrepreneur myself, I know for a fact, when you say "I can do that!" it can happen.

Last night I had to make a trip to the airport, so I put my chicken and zucchini in my time bake oven to be hot and ready when I returned.

This song from Smash (which I am SO sad went off the air) is a great motivational song for all the aspiring dreamers out there.

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