Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Editor's Note: Today I am wearing a dress from Anthropologie, Christian Lacroix fabric kitten heels and a necklace from Harvey Girls jewelry.

When I begin to accessorize a client's home, I usually start with what they already own.
I know a lot of designers believe in just clear cutting everything, but I am not that person.
What you already have is an expression of your personality, your memories and your heritage.
It is from there, that I build, adding items to collections that my clients have already begun. 

Often, people don't even realize that they have a few different things that are the beginning of  a collection. Little pieces that add up to a collection make a big visual impact when placed together rather than scattered about.

I especially love collections of antique objects. They add an interest that newly minted collectibles never quite match.

I pass this collection of opaline boxes at a favorite antique store often, and I am always admiring them. Opaline is a kind of colored glass made in France during the 19th century and the boxes are delicate and very elegant.

Some collections are made up of dainty things and some are more substantial. I love the full look of a collection of antique wooden boxes.           

Majolica is one of my other favorite things to have in a group on a dresser or table. Each piece is a bit unique but they're united by their style.

Even things like these antique bottles make a huge visual impact when added together on a bookcase.

I love these blue and white figures---lots of people collect blue and white porcelain and these are a different take on the traditional china and ginger jars.

Antique blue and white transfer ware----so classic and mixes well with a variety of decor styles, from Traditional English to Hollywood Regency.

Last night I made lamb chops and arugula salad.

This Whitney Houston song is an old favorite---I was always a big fan of hers.
Her death left a huge void in the music world.

I would love to hear from my readers in the comments section. 
So, do tell, what do you collect?

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