Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dallas Market---A Parody.

On our weekly jaunt to Dallas I generally spend most of my time in the Dallas Design Center and the surrounding area. The Design Center is an outdoor shopping center that houses most of the major national and regional showrooms. All of them are delightful and I have my friends in each one.

I can find most everything I need in the Dallas Design Center when it comes to fabrics, furnishings, lighting and accessories. However, sometimes I have a need for something from one of my vendors that is in the Dallas Market Center. If you do not live in or near Dallas, you may have heard of this referred to as "Market." Designers and retailers from all over come here to buy both clothing and interior design goods.

The actual merchandise at the Market is all well and good---Like I said, I have vendors in there that I do business with regularly that provide beautiful lighting, accessories, art and furniture. The act of going to the market however, is not one that thrills me.

Let me paint you a picture.

As I drive north up the Stemmons feeder and prepare to turn on Market Center Blvd, I begin to feel it. The shortness of breath and the verge of a mild panic attack that I will soon be entering the Market again. We park in a lot amidst luxury suvs of all types and walk through the doors. Although it's early October and the outside temperature has dropped, the air conditioning inside blows so cold that Eskimos could inhabit the front lobby. That's only if they could get past the front desk, where they practically demand your passport and a blood sample as means for entry. After we get past the Gestapo, we prepare for a long trek across the spralling expanse of the building. We pass turtles on the way and usually the preparations for the next event---you would think they were preparing for a Bon Jovi concert in there, but there are shop owners from all over the country who need to purchase  imported handbags for pennies on the dollar.

After we ride 27 escalators and walk across the equivalent of 3 Dallas Cowboy's stadiums to get to the elevator I'm almost bowled over by another "designer" with Lululemon on her body, a stroller in her fists and determination to buy things at wholesale in her heart. If you're a spandex wearing mom in or around Dallas, I certainely have nothing against you, but these Market ladies are far from docile and usually have a stroller, rolling suitcase or other trampling vehicle on wheels and they are prepared to use it to pile in their goods. I have no idea how they got past the iron gates, but here they are, running me down and asking the showroom reps inane questions while I tap my Pradas waiting to actually get my work done.

This is of course the scene on a "normal" day at the Market. When actually MARKET is going on, I don't want to be anywhere near that place. The last time I ventured there during that blessed event I needed an oxygen tank, a therapy session and a glass of wine upon my exit.

Shopping carts----no doubt left there by a "designer" 
in workout clothes with a barely legal tax id.

There are certain things in life that are necessary evils----jury duty, trips to the DMV and in my world, visiting the Market. 

Visiting the Market will probably always be my least favorite part of my Dallas visits,
but at least I can laugh about it! Unfortunately, my vendors in the Market will probably never move to a more pleasant location, but a girl can dream can't she?

A fun Shania Twain song to get you moving! Happy Thursday everyone!

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