Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Ten Commandments According to Kay

In 1972, when I was in the seventh grade (stop doing the math...) I met my friend Elizabeth. To this day we are the best of friends and she is now a successful book editor in Manhattan. I don't call Elizabeth by her first name and she does not address me as Kay. It is a mystery of the ages, but since our fateful meeting in 1972 we have called each other "Beast". Neither of us are quite sure where this nickname comes from, but it goes way way back.

Beast was the driving force for getting this blog started---she is always full of wonderful ideas. She told me that the world needed to share in my "Kay-isms". She has been reading it daily (hi Beast!) and suggested I share Kay's 10 Commandments.

Here goes. Kay's 10 Commandments for a happy, blessed and sassy life.

1. Thou shall wake up happily and thank God for blessing you with a new day.

Part of my Herend collection

Beautiful perfume bottles add little touches of beauty to my everyday life.

2. Thou shall surround yourself with beautiful things and only happy people. There is no place for ugly or grumpy.

3. Thou shall eat dinner at a table set with china and crystal and have conversation with your family. 
No eating in front of the TV.

Love these border napkins from Matouk

4. Thou shall use cloth napkins.

5. Thou shall not wear ugly shoes.

6.Thou shall not own any cheap handbags.

7. Thou shall only purchase and own art that makes your heart sing.

Proof that quality upholstery stands the test of time--
these chairs we recently reupholstered and have taken on a whole new life.

8. Thou shall never buy cheap upholstery----cheap upholstery needs to stay at the store from which it came.

9. Thou shall follow Coco Chanel's rule..."In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."

10. Thou shall go through life happily singing and dancing to make every day joyous.

And a Frank Sinatra song to light up your Wednesday!

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