Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hair Washing Day and The Adventures of Kay

God blessed me with good hair. He also blessed me with hair that is quite frizzy.
So much so, that I spend at least 30 minutes every time it's what I call "hair washing day" blow drying it and then curling it with rollers.

I stand in my dressing room and am in and out of my bathroom for a long time while I get ready, during which I sing and dance a lot. It is quite a sight to see me flailing my arms about, juking to the beat, whilst drying my hair.

Just as when I'm working I always need to be surrounded by my loved one's and favorite things.

Love this Mother's Day card my sweet Riley girl made for me last year.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my daddy, young and strolling around with his friend Ben.

And a double framed picture of my twins, Riley and Harrison about 3 years old at a friend's birthday party.

Riley made this art project in 8th grade. 
As you can see, the apple did not fall very far from the tree.

I adore this photo of my mother and my Aunt Jan, taken sometime in the 50's.
They were so elegant then and still are today.

Riley made this for me when she was nine for my birthday.
It still warms my heart.

To go along with the Hermes scarf  I wore today, I chose my Hermes perfume.

After I got ready, we drove to Dallas for a this week's belated Dallas Day.

First we looked at fabrics and tested out some upholstery at Schumacher with my dear friend Karine Robinson, who is our Schumacher rep.

I loved the hand of this fabulous silk.

Schumacher's upholstery is always fabulous.

Then we went to find a pair of antique chairs for a client at Lover's Lane Antiques, one of my favorite Dallas antique shops.

Today I did what I call, "High Low" dressing. I wore a classic black sheath from H&M, espadrilles from C. Wonder and an Hermes scarf. Just as with interiors, accessorizing your outfit can make all the difference.

Today was such a fun and fruitful day, that only this Pharrel song, "Happy" seemed appropriate. 

I sang and danced to it the whole way home from Dallas, even in traffic.

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