Monday, September 14, 2015

How Shoes Control This Designer's Day

my ever-expanding shoe collection

I have always had a thing about shoes. I know, every woman says this. 
With me, it couldn't be more true. I have always loved fashion, and picking out my outfit, sitting at my dressing table and gearing up for the day is one of my favorite things to do. Shoes really complete any look for me.

If someone compliments my outfit, my response is usually, 
" I can't make people's houses beautiful if I don't feel sassy."
Translation: I'm at my most creative when I look and feel at my best.

Shoes are a big part of that and I am a lover of all kinds.

I love flats, boots, wedges, and even at 5'10'' I absolutely LOVE heels.

Kitten heels have gone in and out of favor, but I think they are always beautiful and classic.

My shoes have traveled all over, been in some of the most beautiful homes in the country and have danced the night away. Each pair reminds me of one good time or another.

My favorite brands are a range of style and price point. I love Christian Lacroix, Bettye Muller and Prada and when I'm looking for a slightly less expensive fix, I turn to brands like C. Wonder (which I started ordering on a whim last year and are beautiful and so comfortable), or my latest favorite, Vince Camuto.

I got both of these metallic snakeskin sandals with crystal embellishment (which I call shoes complete with jewelry!) in New York this summer. They have been great for when I want to be comfy in flats but still want to feel sassy.

My shoes impact my daily mood. When I'm pair the Vince Camuto sandals above with a swingy summer dress, I feel cute, put together and sassy. When I wear kitten heels with a crisp cotton sheath I feel classic and girly. (I was going to say demure or quiet, but I'm not sure I ever really am quiet---I love clothes with attitude!) When I wear taller heels I feel powerful and in-control.

Here are three styles that I'm coveting for fall. Two are from the ever classic staple J. Crew and the rock stud heels are Valentino---talk about attitude!

One of my favorite things to do in my shoes is dance. Here's the song that got me up on my feet in my dancin' shoes this morning!

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