Friday, September 11, 2015

Driving and Decorating

Everyday at Kay Genua Designs is different and we are often driving around together (my assistant and I) in my white Volvo SUV. We are visiting clients, doing installations, making deliveries, antique shopping---you name it.

We are usually busy, and when we are running around, my assistant, Mackenzie, often sits in the passenger seat with a credit card and cell phone in her hands, making calls, placing orders, and solving problems.
I fondly refer to these times as "Driving and Decorating".

Mackenzie often jokes that we could do just about anything driving down the street with a cell phone and credit card.

This morning's driving and decorating mission was to deliver some ready made drapes 
to a client who is having a 12 person dinner party tonight.

I don't do ready made drapes a lot, but they are a great option for clients that are on a budget.
I have a wonderful trade only source that I use that does lined/interlined and pinch pleated drapery for me. My norm is to do custom-made drapery, but I am more than happy to order these high quality ready made drapes when that's what the budget allows. 

Here at Kay Genua Designs we make your dreams come true, no matter how big or small your budget may be. I have an expression: "There is more than one way to skin a cat." After 25 years of experience I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve.

Here I am hanging her new drapery---making sure they are just right.
And yes, I do a lot of things in heels!

After I finished hanging drapery, I moved on to the client's bookshelves.
There is an art to styling bookshelves and once I start, I can't stop until they are perfect.

Editor's Note: You'll notice that I've switched from green to pink----at least one day this week!

This afternoon we delivered a selection of beautiful rugs that I found in Dallas on Wednesday, just in time for a client's weekend football party.

Speaking of, in case you thought I was all sass and no play, I will be cheering hard 
for my three favorite football teams this weekend! My son is at LSU and my daughter is at TCU so my focus is split on the college football front and I'm always a #1 Dallas Cowboys fan.
So, with the second big weekend of college football upon us----Go Frogs! Geaux Tigers! and most importantly GO COWBOYS!!

Of course some singing and dancing went on today--what else did you expect?

"The Happening" from The Supremes really got me ready for a big day of Driving and Decorating this morning!

I wish everyone a great fall weekend!

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