Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Planning Beautiful Spaces

I did not originally set out to be an interior designer. I have a business degree from Tulane and after graduation I went into Fashion, working for Bloomingdales first in New York City and then in Dallas.

I fell into interior design by accident, when I started selling antiques for The Market Antiques and Home Furnishings in Fort Worth. My background has always been in sales and I am completely self-taught in interior design.

One of the things I taught myself in the early days of The Market was to draw plans. 
This is the "old-school" way of doing things and I happen to love the way it works.

You see, CAD drawings are wonderful, but they offer no flexibility while you meet with the client.
What you have prepared before is done and it could be days before you are able to reconnect with the client if part of the plan needs modification.

With hand drawn plans or "paper-dolls" as I call them, I can easily lift and move my furniture pieces that are drawn to a 1/4'' scale on my plans.

It allows the client to see the room in several different scenarios in mere moments, and 
it allows me tons of flexibility.

I dress specifically for the days I do plans. I make sure to wear something pretty because it makes tedious plan drawing more fun, but I also am careful to wear clothes that don't wrinkle easily whilst I 
hold my furniture planner in my lap.

I also make sure to wear sassy shoes. (Today's shoes are Coach kitten heels)
Remember, I can't make someone's house beautiful if I'm not feeling sassy!

I absolutely LOVE my desk chair from one of my favorite resources (that I will not name here, I am sorry, but will be happy to order one for any that desire it) covered in a quatrefoil patterned Coraggio mohair.

My framed Emilio Pucci scarf, found on a trip to Sante Fe hangs proudly above my desk as do pictures of my loved ones. I have to have beautiful things and those I love surrounding me (always, but especially when I'm creating). 

Another plan drawing must is burning a fabulous scented candle.

Much as I do not believe in bad shoes, I do not condone the use of cheap candles.

This one, a Kenneth Turner Candle in Bouquet Vase in Signature is one of my all time favorites.

This Pitbull song got me going this morning, dancing at my dressing table while I got ready for a day of drawing plans.

It reminds me fondly of a night in Coconut Grove in Miami. 
I was down there installing a client's second home and was suddenly awoken at 2 am by my hotel room vibrating. I called the front desk to see what had caused the ruckus and was told that apparently the bar across the street plays this Pitbull song nightly---Loud and Proud.
They apologized and promptly sent up earplugs.

After a long day of drawing plans I will still be cooking dinner for my family.
Tonight I'm serving chicken kabobs---quickly and easily made on the grill.

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