Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Accessorizing is Key

I have been designing interiors for over 25 years and one of the most important parts of my job entails lots of little pieces to the puzzle-----Accessories.

Accessories may be the smallest pieces of your puzzle, but they are the only way to see the big picture in it's most perfect form.

I prefer antique accessories, and also accessories that mean something to the client. Maybe this particular client collects antique boxes, or loves oyster plates. Whether it's something that has been passed through their family's generations or a piece of interest that I can find on my weekly antique treasure hunts----accessories add a personal element to the home that no other piece can offer.

In the past week, I've been accessorizing three different projects.

This is a job I completed in Early-June. For the last few months we have worked on adding the
finishing touches---art and, you guessed it Accessories. This is a guest room and it needed a few pieces on the night stands as well as the dresser. I mixed vintage Rose Medallion with a painted Italian miniature chest (furniture manufacturers used these as their example to clients back in the 1800's) on one night stand, while another has antique books and interestingly shaped antique porcelain from France and Asia.

I adore this Italian antique painted chest that we used in this guest room---found at a local antique store. Flanking the mirror, I found these French carondelets at an antique store in Dallas and fell in love with them. I knew they had to grace these pine brackets.

I finished this next client's home almost eight years ago and it continues to overwhelm me with it's charm all these years later. This client loves antique china and crystal and we played to that in a big way in her beautiful dining room.

She was preparing for a party, so we added some orchids and floral intermixed with her crystal and china to give the dining room a traditional yet whimsical feel.

To dress up her front door for the occasion, I added some crisp white bows to a flower wreath and a hand carved patio ornament.

My assistant caught a few pictures of me arranging.

Besides my usual singing and dancing (a Kay Genua favorite past-time---I find that it stimulates my creative flow!) I always wear my signature green apron when installing and/or accessorizing.

The last client's home was completed over a year ago, but we have added some beautiful touches 
over time. Taking our time has really allowed the accessories to evolve organically---The house tends to speak to me and tell me what it really needs.

This client LOVES turquoise, so I was delighted to find these antique oyster plates for her.

We added more oyster plates in the tops of her Master Bath and Powder Room cabinets.

One of the most special elements was added this morning---an antique Murano chandelier, complete with Murano tulips and latticino detailing. It's truly one of a kind. 

It now hangs proudly over the client's claw foot tub.
It is pure magic to behold.

As I mentioned, singing and dancing is a regular thing here at Kay Genua Designs.

This Donna Summer song is really getting my creative juices flowing today!

Accessorizing is the Last Dance of decorating, 
a sign that the time is drawing to a close, but yet, one of the most memorable parts of the evening.

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