Monday, September 21, 2015

Fabulous TCU Weekend!

As I mentioned on Friday, this weekend was TCU Parent's weekend and I spent all of it with 
my precious girl, Riley.

Friday night we headed to Lonesome Dove for a big group dinner.
It was such fun to see all of Riley's Tri-Delt friends (who I adore---what a darling group of girls) and their parents who traveled from all over to be there.

One of my favorite pictures from the weekend.
Love my girl. 

The big group of Tri-Delts!

After dinner, we went home with a few friends and put on Riley's middle school talent show videos
which was too hysterical for words.
Of course I was singing and dancing along to every performance.
Riley even caught me on candid camera.

On Saturday we went to a party at a Tri-Delt house (there are five girls that live there) for lunch and 
pre-tailgate cocktails.

It was the "white-out" game at TCU this weekend, so most everyone had one a combination of purple and white.

Had so much fun with Riley and her friends! 

After the party we moved on to the tailgate. It was a great crowd and a great time.

The game was a tough one, and great victory for TCU against SMU.

Riley's custom boots are from Luskey's and mine are from Leddy's, both in
Fort Worth.

After halftime, we went for drinks and h'ordeuvres in 
the bar at Rivercrest.

After a fun parent's weekend, I treated myself to a new dress yesterday.
This dress inspired today's song of the day choice, as any Monday with a new dress from Neiman Marcus is in fact, a lovely day.

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