Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jambalaya and The Dancing Roux

When I graduated from Tulane, a close friend of the family gave me this Jambalaya---The Junior League of New Orleans Cookbook. It has been my favorite cookbook since I received it in 1982. So much so that it now has to be held together with a rubber band.

Early in my marriage I tried a new recipe from it each week on my day off, testing out different recipes that I might like to serve at a dinner party.

Love these Bran Muffins for Breakfast

The chicken A L'Orange might be my second favorite thing to serve at a dinner party (we'll get to my first favorite in a moment). I serve it over wild rice and the presentation is absolutely beautiful.

This Individual Beef Wellington is by far my favorite dinner party recipe.
Pre-Marriage, when I lived in New York, I wanted to have a dinner party and saved up to do
so, because I wanted it to be fabulous. I served the Individual Beef Wellington with the Marchand De Vin Sauce Pictured below and the dinner party cost me more than I earned that week at Bloomingdales. 

I love the little splatters you can see on the pages of my cookbook. Reminds me of fabulous dinner parties past and of how well loved this book has been.

Now, We know I like to sing and dance whilst doing just about anything, but it is especially helpful while making the Marchand De Vin Sauce. I didn't have iTunes back in 1982 in New York (and dancing to radio commercials isn't quite as fun) but dancing and singing passes the time until the roux for this sauce gets to the perfect light coffee color.

Now, these recipes aren't to be attempted after a long day of work (I will share plenty more of those for you busy ladies, I promise) but they are wonderfully impressive to be served at your next dinner party. No need to phone a caterer---Mama Kay has just the ticket!

I wore these lovely Pucci numbers to work today, but they'd be perfect dinner party hostess wear!

I will leave you with a great song to sing and dance to while perfecting your roux!
By the way, having a big smile on your face all day will keep you in a great mood!

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