Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Attitude Lamp.

In this day and age, everyone wants to know what sets you apart from the rest of the population.
What makes you a good designer? What makes you a good cook, or a good mother?
What do you do differently?

One of the unique things I bring to my clients and my loved ones are what I call "Kay-isms".
If you look back carefully over my past blog posts, you'll pick them out here and there.

They're funny words or phrases that I've either picked up or made up along the way.
One of my favorite Kay-isms is what I call an "Attitude Lamp".

Now, when I first mention attitude lamps to a new client or friend, they usually look at me 
and say "What?! What's that?"

Allow me to translate.
An attitude lamp is a small lamp with lots of personality. I put them any and everywhere. In bookshelves, on counters under cabinets, on small tables---the list goes on.

I sometimes find new attitude lamps, but my favorites are antique versions, made of small objects or vases.

Here are a few examples from one of my favorite antique stores, East & Orient in Dallas.

You might say that attitude lamps are one of my favorite pieces of decor, 
as they are sprinkled all over my own home.

I bought this bronze figurine at K. Flories Antiques in Fort Worth and had it turned into a custom attitude lamp.

This one is an antique piece of Staffordshire that came from England. It casts such a pretty light on my collection of antique boxes.

 I bought this marble lamp at the flea market in New York.

I had this vase made into an attitude lamp years ago. I inherited the vase from Nannie, my dad's mother---It was from China. I casts a beautiful light on my collection of Herend.
Attitude lamps are wonderful for placing amongst your collections.

This bronze dog is probably my favorite lamp in my house. I spotted him at a flea market in Paris back when I worked for The Market. Unfortunately, my boss at the time liked him as much as I did and bought him for the shop. When we returned to Texas, he decided to let me have him---I was absolutely overjoyed. He is displayed proudly in my breakfast room and reminds me daily of Paris.

This antique barley twist candlestick is from England and I had it made into a lamp.

Today was a Dallas Day and I wore a dress that I consider to be an Oldie but a Goodie from Ann Taylor, with gold Coach heels and a necklace that was given to me as a gift.

I was dancing so hard to this Robin Thicke song this morning while drying my hair that by the time I finished I was sweating. Sometimes a song will really get me grooving and it starts my day off perfectly!

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