Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why I love Mondays.

I love Mondays. Yes, you read that right. Mondays, I love them.
Mondays are full of opportunity. You have a new week ahead of you with which to accomplish things, make clients happy and facilitate business.

I started my Monday dancing around of course in this white Tahari dress. Given my recent 20 pound weight loss a lot of my clothes are a little baggy. This wide belt from Bergdorf's  is the perfect solution and made the outfit---It didn't make the cut for my daughter Riley's TCU closet, so it moseyed on over to mama's closet!

My first stop was to a client's house to make some decisions about tile for their house.
We are in the process of building their new house and have made several trips to Dallas to pick tile.
We finalized our selections for all areas yesterday.

After my tile meeting I had to make an "emergency" trip to Dallas to take a dining chair out on approval for a client.

This set of eight antique chairs at East & Orient were making my heart sing on a recent trip 
and I just knew they were going to be the perfect solution for a client of mine.

While I was there I had to take a picture of East & Orient's fabulous powder room.

This is SO me.

After East & Orient I headed to Lovers Lane Antique Market to pick up this fabulous antique jewelry box from the 18th century.

It was the perfect finishing touch in my client's master bath.

With my emergency taken care of, I decided to stop by Deno's and pick up some shoes I was having repaired. 

Last night I made turkey burgers, a French chopped cabbage salad (I buy the mix at Costco) and steamed brussel sprouts (that I steam with chicken broth for extra flavor).

Today was just as productive---a few client visits this morning followed by a vendor meeting this afternoon with Casamance, who had their French rep along for the ride. It was lovely to speak French for a moment as I rarely get to do so. I have spoken French almost fluently since high school and have been told by French natives that I speak with a Belgian accent (a gift from my Country Day teachers who were all from Belgium).

Casamance is not afraid of color, which suits me just fine because neither am I.

Michael Buble songs always put me in the best mood---perfect for the start of the week!

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