Wednesday, October 7, 2015

10 Rules of Decorating

Editor's Note: My outfit today is dark AG Jeans, a Halston Heritage top, Adrienne Vittadini kitten heels and my Chanel pearls.

The best and worst thing about interior design is that save for a few key things that tend to be universally accepted by designers, there really are no set "rules." I find that each designer tends to adopt their own set of rules and I certainly have mine. There are however, things that are of paramount importance when it comes to designing a room---like lighting and upholstery. 

Much like my own 10 Commandments for lifestyle, my 10 Rules of Decorating have been cultivated from years of experience. Over time, I have gleaned where money is best spent, where to save and how to tweak things to get the best end result.

Here are my 10 Rules of Decorating.

1. Always buy quality. Even if it takes you longer to finish the room.
Quality items last and tend to be timeless. 

2. If you have inherited furniture and/ or accessories -- use the ones you love and keep other things in a closet or attic if possible. If it is really bad-- sell it in an estate sale and use the money on one Great thing thing you can hand down. Using things of the past adds history and character to your home.

3. Buy art that makes your heart sing-- don't worry about what it costs.
Art that you truly love will make you happy every time you pass it. Mood boosters of any kind are the best investment.

4. I love to use lamps to give a glow to the room without overhead lights. Lamps can highlight objects with low light and are good for reading---plus they are good accessories to the room.

5. Always hang drapery either right under crown molding or between the window and the crown---never right above window. When the budget allows, custom drapery that is lined and interlined adds so much more to the room than ready-made. Cheap draperies do to the room what cheap shoes do to your outfit. And we all know I do not like cheap shoes.

6. In living areas, always invest in good upholstery. Inexpensive upholstery skips many steps that are not visible--it is not worth reupholstering.
NEVER let children jump on upholstery. It ruins the whole frame.
 In my opinion jumping is an outside activity.

7. When hanging a mirror, always think about what the mirror is reflecting. You never want the mirror to highlight the ceiling fan. Mirrors add great dimension to a space.

8. Use the most expensive fabric on a space that needs the smallest amount---a bench top, a pillow or the seat of a chair. Adding pops of an expensive fabric is like adorning yourself with jewelry--it elevates the entire look.

9.Inexpensive lamps----those from a surplus store like Home Goods or Tuesday Morning or even a vintage lamp can be transformed with a quality lamp shade. Adding trim to the shade makes it even more elegant and adds sass.

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10. Unless it is a dire emergency, never buy a ceiling fan with a light kit.

Editor's Note: All Interiors shots are my own work---except of course the ceiling fan picture!

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