Thursday, October 15, 2015

WWKW---What Would Kay Wear?

Every morning, part of my routine is to pick out my outfit for the day.
I usually base my clothing on what I'm doing at work that day.
I ask myself, WWKW----What Would Kay Wear?
I think about whether I'll need to be moving around a lot, or need to be comfortable.
There is always a level of sassiness in my dressing---but every morning I choose how to adjust my sassy level to be right for the day's events.

The outfit above was for selling tickets at a Men's Event for Jewel Charity Ball.
I like to be loose and free with my outfit when I'm selling---I don't like to be constricted.

This outfit was for an important client meeting. I generally like to dress up a bit more for client meetings as it makes me feel confident and really to sell a fabulous lifestyle!

This outfit was for a charity event---Understated elegance all the way.

This is an example of a drawing plans outfit---That Rag & Bone skirt is hard to wrinkle, perfect for holding my furniture plan binder in my lap!

This was a day where I needed to visit a few client's in their homes but didn't need to be as dressed up as I would be for a formal meeting.
As I've said before, I call this type of look "Sassy Casual".

This was a day where I knew I would be in the office most of the day---but on those days I really need to be ready for anything---you never know when a client visit or a sudden appointment will pop up!       

This is a great example of an outfit that I wear to pick fabrics. I can never wear long sleeves on fabric picking day, they constrict me and get in my way when I'm flipping through the fabric wings.
A loose top is great for needing to move around freely.

This outfit was for a day at the world trade center. I often wear pants and top my outfit by a sweater as it's always frigid in there, no matter the time of year. Although I am wearing heels here, they are some of my most comfortable shoes for walking across the big expanse of that building.

This was my outfit for our deb party. When I really have to pull out the stops for a black tie event, I wear a beautiful evening gown and some statement jewelry.

Steve Forbert's songs were introduced to me recently and I have since downloaded at least 5 of his songs.

Last night I made pork chops and green bean bundles for dinner.
The green bean bundles are my Uncle Jack's recipe.
You steam the green beans for 5 minutes then put them in little bundles rolled in a half a piece of bacon. You then sprinkle them with Worcestershire sauce and bake them at 400 degrees for twenty five minutes. They are absolutely delicious!

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