Monday, October 12, 2015

Kay's Weekend Recap.

Jury duty was not as bad as expected on Friday and I ended up deciding on Outfit #3.

On Saturday I was meeting clients at an antique showroom to finalize a few items for their new house.
I wore this printed Rag & Bone dress with my snakeskin Banana Republic kitten heels that have been a staple for me as of late.

After my client meeting I swung by Neiman Marcus at Northpark and found my Christmas present to myself.

Upon my return to Fort Worth, I went to Rivercrest to get some new golf shirts for my son, Harrison.

It was a beautiful day at the club.

I found some great golf shirts and sent them to Harrison for approval just in time for the start of the 
football game at LSU, where the noise from rowdy Tiger fans was sure to drown me out.

Saturday night I did my usual dinner making, but I thought that this particular dinner
made a great point. I know there are women out there who want to cook dinner for their entire family,
but don't necessarily want to subject the whole family to their specific dietary needs or restrictions. I know because I was definitely one of those women. After I started cutting sugar and carbs out of my diet, I did cut back on the starches I would make for dinner. However, my family still loves pasta and I didn't want to completely deprive them of a favorite dish.
So, on the evenings that I serve pasta for them as a side dish, I will make something separate for myself. On Saturday it was roasted eggplant. We all shared the central protein of the salmon.
This way you're not cooking two completely separate meals, but you can stick to your diet and they can have what they want too.

I did make sure to allow myself some champagne. It makes even the most mundane nights seem special.

On Sunday morning I got ready---singing and dancing while drying my hair.
Don't believe me? This video is proof in the pudding.

After my "performance" in front of the mirror, I headed off to get my nails done.
My shirt was J. Crew and my shorts are from Ann Taylor. My sandals are by Vince Camuto.

Today I am wearing the blush Rebecca Taylor blouse that I had out as an option on Friday.
I'm wearing some pants from Ann Taylor that I've had for about six years. Wide leg pants briefly went out of style and are back this year---another example of why it's good to buy quality clothes and keep them, because most styles cycle back around.

Shoes are Coach---bought them three years ago and they are still major favorites of mine.

This song by Celine Dion almost had me teary eyed this morning---it is just so beautiful.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and as a lover of Mondays---
I say here's to a fabulous week ahead!
Mondays are full of opportunity!

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