Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Divide and Conquer Day!

My assistant and I are generally joined at the hip and are usually together all day every day, doing a host of different things.

However, on some of our days, there is too much to get done or too many places to be at once and we have to divide and conquer.

This morning I got dressed early to meet a client and drive to Dallas to finalize some of their tile and counter tops for the new house they are building.

I wore Top Shop jeans, a new Vince silk top and some old Kate Spade heels that are still a favorite of mine. My necklace was given to me recently as a gift from a friend and client who went to Africa. I have been having such fun mixing it with different outfits.

The tile above is inspiration for her master bath scheme.
We are going slightly more contemporary with this job and I love what we're coming up with!

I always like to see my tile selections against the slabs to ensure that I like the movement and coloration of the stone.

While I was in tile and stone land, my assistant was on to Lee Jofa for the Ashley Hicks presentation.
Ashley Hicks is the son of the late David Hicks, a famed English decorator that gained popularity in the 50's, 60's and 70's and was very highly esteemed until his death.

I was sorry to miss the presentation, as I know David Hicks had a love for color very 
similar to my own.

This Sugarland song is what has me dancing today!

Last night for dinner I prepared ground beef with spices and cheese from Central Market
 and a spinach salad with bacon and spicy ranch dressing. I'll be sharing the previous night's dinner
in my posts to come----I hope it will inspire my readers to cook!

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