Monday, October 5, 2015

A 1980's Throwback Weekend!

I graduated from Tulane in 1982, moved to New York City that same year, moved back to Dallas 1983 and got married in 1987. Needless to say the 1980's (my 20's) were a busy and memorable time.
This weekend was incredibly eventful and productive--- and funnily enough most of it was 80's related.

 Friday night we were invited to a 30th anniversary party that was a surprise to the wife. This couple is what every couple should model their marriage after---they are so completely in love.

The other surprise for all the guests was the entertainment, which was none other than Kenny Loggins. His music reminds me of college and my early 20's. 

His performance was absolutely amazing and I had a blast dancing down memory lane.

Saturday morning I was meeting a client to pick out sinks and faucets. I knew I would be trekking through a warehouse so I dressed casually, but I wore red patent flats so I would still feel sassy.

After I did some work, I stopped by Central Market to pick up flowers to pay my condolences 
to a dear childhood friend who's father passed away on Friday.

My next stop was Neiman Marcus---they were having a 20% off sale and I wanted to 
check out the scene.

I found this red Theory dress and a white Rag & Bone dress and a couple of tops.

I will have to wait until springtime rolls around to wear this white Rag & Bone, but I was happy to get it for a steal!

The Halloween costumes at Pet Smart were cracking me up.
One year I dressed my golden retriever Pax and my Springer Spaniel mix, Lacey Rue as Superman and a banana respectively. They were less than amused.

Saturday night we went to a 60th birthday party for a friend of mine, thrown at Studio 80---which is a fun club in Fort Worth that plays 1980's music videos constantly. It is a fabulous place to go dancing---you know I love that!

I wore my new red Theory dress and felt ultra-sassy!

Riley and Harrison grew up with the birthday girl's youngest son and Riley was there for the occasion.

Riley, me and the birthday girl, Suzanne.

AC-DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" is the perfect song to round up the weekend. A fun trip down 1980's memory lane made for an extra fabulous weekend.

For an easy meal before our night of dancing Saturday night, I grilled chicken and a zucchini cut in half. A light supper to keep the dancing going.

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