Monday, October 26, 2015

The Importance of Framing

Editor's Note: Today I have on AG winter white cords, an Athleta cashmere sweater, a ruffled top from J.Crew and Nine West pumps.


Interior Design is largely centered around details. Even the smallest touches can make a big impact and that's why details are of paramount importance.    

Framing is one detail I absolutely never skimp on. Beautiful framing can make even the simplest, most inexpensive pieces of art look gallery ready.

The next few pictures (and the one above) are framed pieces around my own house.

Much of my art has been purchased from antique stores. As I have said before, I don't require that art is pricey or valuable, only that it makes the owner's heart sing.

Sometimes I already love the existing frame on a piece of art, and sometimes I have it changed to give the piece that extra pop that it needs.
Most of the art in my house has been framed by Henson-McAlister here in Fort Worth.

These framed antique handkerchiefs were done in Shreveport. They belonged to my great grandmother. I love how they look sitting over a glass cabinet that is full of crystal.

The oil paintings above and this watercolor were found in my grandmother's store room.
The gesso matte gave the watercolor a new pop.

As you can see, I mostly gravitate towards gilded frames for my own art, but I often do black or painted wood for my clients. My main requirement for frames is that they have a little attitude and fit well with the piece being framed.

This is a sketch of Riley's Tyler Rose Festival gown. Her gown was based on Marie Antoinette. I loved the sketch they did to show us the design concept and had Henson McAlister frame it.

This Andy Warhol Chanel print was found in New York and framed by Henson McAlister. Riley loves Chanel and it was perfect for her room.

I love how the fillet on this piece gives it a little something extra. It is an antique botanical---one of a set of four in my dining room.

On Friday we installed some beautiful Andy Warhol prints for a client here in Fort Worth. They are smaller versions of Riley's large one. 
They were purchased and framed by Diane Young of Little Frame Shop in Westwood, Kansas.
They are the most fun prints and the way they were framed is stunning.
Diane showed so much wonderful attention to detail.

They look fabulous surrounding the client's living room tv.

She even posted a beautiful picture of them on Instagram after we left!
I just love it when my client's are over the moon for their art!

This Chicago song warmed my heart on this cool October Monday!

Last night for dinner I made cedar plank salmon with jalapeno sausage and spinach salad.

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