Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Importance of Frames

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing a Rag N Bone skirt, a Banana Republic white shirt, a sweater from Anthropologie and Louise et Cie shoes.

One of the most important elements of wall decor in a home, and one that I believe to be most often over looked is frames. Now, this can be a frame that holds a piece of artwork or it could be a framed mirror. Generally I have things custom framed for clients and I choose said frame on a case by case basis depending on the style of the home and art. I try to see the frame as another element of the overall decor and choose accordingly. For instance, if the interior is more traditional with lots of European antiques and gilded fixtures, I may lean toward a more ornate gold frame, whereas if the interior is more clean and contemporary I might choose a simple black frame or an acrylic frame.

Last year we completed a large project at Escondido Golf Resort and as all of the homes we designed had bedrooms that were to be used as hotel rooms, we needed a framed mirror in each.

I chose a different frame for each room, looking to the colors in the room and the finish on the furniture when making my selections.

Here are some pictures from when I was choosing the frames.

Loved a weathered grey frame with this distressed painted chest and green and neutral fabric.

I always make sure that whatever frames I am selecting have lots of style and attitude. I don't want them to be boring so I make sure they pop out.

If the piece of art they are framing is really loud or a big statement piece, that is when I will choose a more subdued option.

Last night for dinner I made crab cakes with remoulade sauce and salad with nuts and spicy dressing.

Love India Carney's voice and this is one of my favorites of her songs.

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