Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bedding-Kay's Way!

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing an Theory blouse, a faux leopard vest from Forever 21, jeans from Ann Taylor and G Series shoes.

 When I started doing design work in the early 1990's---heavy, ornate bedding was very in vogue. Heavy silk damask coverlets, with large duvets folded at the end of the bed, tons of coordinating pillows with heavy beaded or fringe trim and heavy matching dust ruffles. In the last few years, heavy beds like that have fallen out of style. I now do a mix of custom and ready made bedding for a lighter, and more fresh look.

This bedroom was completed recently for a client, and we had a coverlet, shams and neck roll pillows made by Legacy Linens, which we ordered from Wright at Home on Camp Bowie. They're bedding is so luxurious and can be customized. I had custom pillows and a dust ruffle made by my drapery workroom to compliment the Legacy Bedding. I absolutely love the mix.

Another reason I have moved towards doing a lot of ready-made or semi-custom bedding is that I can order things from Legacy or Matouk that are washable. Lifestyles have changed, and when clients let dogs and children on to their beds, they need to be easily cleanable.

I do semi-custom bedding out of sheeting material or pique---I love both looks. If the client is open to it, I usually add a monogram to give the bedding an extra bit of personality.

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom and you want it to say something about you!

Another example of some beautiful and simple Legacy bedding that we purchased through Wright at Home.

This bed was a mix of bedding from Legacy, paired with custom shams and a custom dust ruffle. The monogrammed pillow in the middle was custom done by Legacy.

Here are a few examples of the kind of bedding I've been ordering from Legacy Linens (available at Wright at Home) or Matouk.





Would love to hear from my readers---do you prefer custom bedding or do you go for ready made? Or like me, is it somewhere in between?

Last night I made mixed greens with ground beef, monterey jack cheese and pecans.

Jingle Bell Rock is one Christmas song that gets me dancing and singing no matter what!

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