Thursday, December 24, 2015

Kay's Christmas Fashion!

Every family has their Christmas traditions and we certainly have ours.
Like all other events in my life, I like to have my outfits carefully planned so that I am always looking my best. Christmas is no exception.

On Christmas Eve, we are always at my mother's house for dinner with the traditional turkey and dressing and ham. Our family in Fort Worth all attend and it is lovely. The whole living room and dining room is lit by candlelight (No lamps, just candles and the art lights that illuminate the oil paintings) and it really contributes to the magic of Christmas. It was black tie for a long time, but now we wear cocktail attire. Tonight I am wearing Alice & Olivia pants, a silk charmeuse blouse by Vince, Prada shoes and new Dior Pearl earrings.

On Christmas day I am hosting my family, so I am careful to dress for that occasion in something that is nice and festive, but something I can also wear while cooking---nothing that will get ruined if a little something splatters and nothing with heavy sleeves or anything that will weigh me down as I run around like a Christmas goose with it's head off! Tomorrow I am wearing AG cords, a silk blouse by Joie, and J.Crew patent flats. I loved the idea of doing a red blouse and shoes with winter white pants---Fun, Comfortable and Festive!

I adore Diana Krall and this song is perfect to mix in with your Christmas Eve playlist for something that's not as Christmas specific.

Last night I made lamb chops and baked zucchini with swiss cheese and chili oil.

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