Thursday, December 17, 2015

Building Your Family Room

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing AG cords, a Theory top, a Romeo & Juliet Couture vest and Michael Kors shoes.

Your family room is probably the most important room in your house, as it is likely the room your family spends most of their time in. Your furniture should be equal parts beautiful, interesting and comfortable. Unlike your dining room which will most likely stay the same once you've made it supremely well-appointed, your family room will grow and change.

When you're starting out, it's wonderful to find pieces that aren't huge, so they can move with you from house to house.

This antique love seat was one of the first pieces of furniture I ever bought. I was in an antique store with my grandmother, One Mama and I spotted it and fell in love with the lines. It was in pretty rough shape, complete with bird poop and protruding springs. One Mama looked at me and said "Darlin', One Mama will buy that for you, but I think you're crazy."

Someone in Shreveport reupholstered it and it's now on it's 6th re upholstery. I always upholster it to match my current sofa. It traveled with me to New York and was white (on it's first round of upholstery). Then it came back with me to Dallas and lived in my apartment with a chaise lounge that now graces my master bedroom. It then came with me to my house in Fort Worth, where it currently resides. When Riley was little, she called it her "sufa"---like sofa, but with a "U". It has been the major building block for every family room I've had since college.

Here's a zoomed out view of my current family room. I've had my sofa since my kids were little and it is from a favorite vendor out of California. It's VERY comfortable and high quality and is on it's 4th reupholstering. The lamp next to it came out of my Dad's office from the 60's and I put a new shade on it. The table it sits on came out of an estate sale. 

The round table was inherited and the antique trunk came from England and is about 150 years old. The child's chairs on the side of the trunk are also antiques and are on their third reupholstering. Riley and Harrison used to sit in them when they were little to watch tv.

This blue chair came out of Nannie's (my dad's mother) house. It originally sat in Nannie's living room, covered in a pink silk damask. It was Nannie's mother's. I inherited it in the 90's and had it recovered in a Grey Watkins cut velvet.

The most important thing when building your family room is buy things that you absolutely love and are truly quality and they will stand the test of time.

Last night I made salmon and a kale salad with mushrooms and tomatoes.

This album by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass was my Daddy's favorite.

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