Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Hermes Scarf

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing mostly Christmas gifts! A New poncho from Henry Bendel, a new silk blouse from Banana Republic, a new necklace & earrings from Dina Mackney (Her line is carried at Neimans and these were purchased at a trunk show.), Velvet jeans from Ann Taylor and flats from J. Crew.

Hermes scarves have long been a fashion icon on their own, and I have loved them forever.
I bought my first one in 1986 at the Hermes store in Highland Park Village in Dallas. It was pink. I was working in Dallas and treated myself to it as an expensive accessory. Back then it cost $86. A lot of money in 1986 to be sure, but not quite the amount they cost today. 

Beside their beauty and quality, I love how versatile Hermes scarves are and how pretty and polished they make me feel.

Many women who have been fashion icons throughout history have been Hermes scarf fans, including two of my favorites, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy.

Back in the 60's and 70's wearing the scarf around your head to protect it from unruly weather or the wind in a convertible was very popular and I still think it looks chic today for the appropriate occasion.

I also love a smaller version tied around the neck like Grace Kelly has here.

Today the scarf can be worn any which way and with just about anything. 

It looks equally chic over a simple black dress as it does with a simple t-shirt and jeans.

Here are two scarves in their current collection that I am loving.

via here

via here

My Favorite way to wear an Hermes scarf is either draped around my neck or secured with a scarf ring. I have one from Hermes that I bought in Rome that is little silver links, but I love this one they have now in the silver and gold mix with the little key!

Here I am in two different Hermes scarves with two different outfits---One with a simple black dress and wedges and one with a white silk blouse, skinny pants and heels.

Last night for dinner we had leftover beef tenderloin from Christmas and salad with Tour's nut mix.

I love Michael Buble's music in any capacity and this song is a great one!

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