Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How to Use Your Children's Art Projects!

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing a vintage Krizia sweater, a Banana Republic skirt and J. Crew flats.

 If you have children or grandchildren, you've probably been presented with art from one school project or another. My mother always incorporated what I made into her home and I have done the same with my children. It makes your child feel honored to see their art displayed as real decor around the house. You never know who is a budding artist. I enjoyed making art all through school, and while I did not become a painter or sculptor, I have channeled my creative nature into a life long career of interior design.

Here are some examples of things made throughout my childhood that are still being used at my mother's house to this day.

These painted and fired metal trays were done in 8th grade. My mother has always loved them and used them in her house ever since.

I made this art piece. It was heated crayon on wood.

I did these baskets my senior year, and I won the art award for all of the upper school at Country Day.

My mother made this beautiful ceramic angel and it sits in the bookshelf in my childhood bedroom.

I did this picture when I was 11. My art teacher, unbeknowst to me took it around for six months and put it in art shows. This was my test run of the real picture that was done on pretty white paper. I had already had this one framed when my teacher gave the original one back, so I framed it and gave it to my cousin as a gift.

These animals have lived in the my parent's living room since they were completed in high school.
My brother, Cove did the bear and I did the other animal---not sure what it was supposed to have been.

I did this pottery bowl in high school---sculpted of clay and fired. Mother keeps it in her bathroom to this day and keeps things in it.

Last night for dinner I made lamb chops and zucchini with chili oil and Swiss cheese.

Love anything by Barbara Streisand--she is so amazing.

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