Friday, December 11, 2015

The Importance of Dining Room Furniture

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing a Joie blouse, a cardigan by Laundry, a Nanette Lepore skirt and J.Crew flats.

Trends come and go in interiors just as they do in fashion. One thing that stays constant is classic dining room furniture.

I spent my graduation from college money on a dining table and a set of dining chairs. They traveled all over with me and my original dining room table now sits in my bedroom. I later upgraded to a large dining table and a set of antique chairs that I have loved for years.

I see too many people defaulting to a dining set from a big box retailer because they cannot or do not want to afford a nice, classic collection of dining room furniture.
If you are in the stage of your life where this is the case, spend your money first on a dining table. Many antique and consignment shops sell beautiful versions for a fair price. If you can only afford a dining table at first, buy an attractive but inexpensive set of chairs from a place like World Market.
Don't waste your money on an over-priced version from a mass retailer that all of your friends will have.

Estate sales are also a great place to find an antique set of chairs. If they just have seat cushions, they can easily be popped out and recovered. Don't be daunted by reupholstering a chair seat---it can easily be done yourself!

Later, when you have saved some more money, invest in a nice set of antique dining chairs or even a beautiful new set. Do not expect to find an antique set of ten or twelve---they are VERY rare!
If you need a larger set, consider mixing and matching your side chairs with different host chairs. It adds interest to the room and allows you to use antique chairs instead of new. Antique is almost always preferred---in my opinion.

My dining room with my lovely dining table and chairs.

I love this piece of furniture---I use it to serve meals on at dinner parties and it is the perfect size for the room. Use an heirloom piece of your own, or find a beautiful antique that is the right size and scale for your dining room.

This drop leaf table was my first dining table purchased with my college graduation money.

I love my breakfast room---I have it set up like another small dining room. It's wood with matching chairs but most of the time I keep this blush linen table cloth with matching chair covers on it.

I did not cook dinner last night as my mother and I went to Thirsty Thursday at Rivercrest again!

I love India Carney's voice--it is so so beautiful. This is one of my favorite of her songs.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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