Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Importance of Side Tables.

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing a Theory top, a cardigan from New York & Company, a skirt from Misook, and flats from J.Crew.

When I am decorating a room, one element I never forget are side tables.
I like each chair and sofa to have a side table beside it. It gives a place for your guests to set their drink when you are entertaining, and as I love accessorizing, it gives me a place to add accessories and lighting.

Side tables are easy to find at a variety of price points. If you are starting out or starting over and have lots of furniture to buy, I urge you not to discount the importance of your side tables.
Buying side tables that fall into the category of "throw-away" furniture is not the answer. Even cheap, low-quality furniture costs money, and it is better to use that money wisely on items of quality. If you are on a budget, try antique stores or estate sales to find high quality vintage tables.

Here are some of the side tables in my own home. I have three requirements for side tables:
They must be quality, classic and have a bit of attitude!

The marble topped side table by my bed has Wedgwood pieces on the side and marble that no longer exists as the quarry is extinct. It is complete with an antique lamp and accessories.

A leather topped table by a wing back chair in my breakfast room.
 I love how this creates a little moment.

This woven wood table in my library is actually a pair of file cabinets stacked. Our library/study doubles as a guestroom, so this frequently acts as a night table when we have lots of guests.

A classic mahogany table in my living room.

A larger round table in front of an antique settee. This was in One Mama's house  (my mother's mother) and she used it as a regular side table.

This carved bureau was purchased in St. Etiene while I was in France with the Market. I bought it as a wedding gift to give to Riley someday.

This table by a chair in my family room is a small box on stand.

This table in my Mother's house is an old mailbox.

This round pie table sits in her guest room. I love pie tables.

This table that sits in my old bedroom is an antique tea caddy.

This table that sits in her living room is hand carved Rosewood.

If you make wise and quality choices about your side tables, there will always be a place for them no matter where you go. Side tables like art are a (movable feast.)

Last night for dinner I made ground bison burgers and eggplant with Monterey jack cheese and chili oil.

I am currently alternating between dancing music and Christmas music. This is a little bit of both.

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