Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Creating a Magical Christmas for The Kids

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing a Rebecca Taylor blouse, AG Jeans, Ann Taylor flats and a
Harvey Girls long necklace with pendant.

My twins, Riley and Harrison are now grown up, and while I still like to think that Christmas is magical for them in the way I decorate, give presents and artfully present holiday meals, I know that their Christmases as children were incredibly magical. I love to tell young parents or friends of mine who now have grandchildren some of the things I did for my children surrounding Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas. Read on for a few ideas.

1. Glitter----How all good ideas start, right? I would sprinkle "fairy dust" which was actually very fine glitter by the chimney so my kids could track where Santa had been. We were sure to make boot marks in the glitter that tracked over to where their presents were.

2. Reindeer---Any good Santa situation needs evidence of the presence of reindeer. I did two things here. First, I made "Reindeer Food" to put in the yard so that Santa and the Reindeer could spot our house. I made this food with oatmeal and glitter. I would also leave gnawed carrots sprinkled in the yard so the kids could see where the reindeer had been.

3. Sleigh Bells---About 30 minutes after the kids were asleep on Christmas Eve, we would go outside and jingle bells. It added to the magic for our kids and I suspect some of the neighborhood children as well!

4. Santa's Update- We have always gone to my mother's house for Christmas Eve and on the way home, we would listen to the "Santa Update" on the radio. We would point out lights in the sky and tell the kids " Look, there he is! We must hurry to get home and get into bed so that he can come!"

5. Cookies and Milk----Most parents probably do this already, but we would put out cookies and milk with the kids for Santa to snack on when he arrived. We took it one step further by taking bites of the cookies and drinking the milk.

I would love to hear from my readers!! Do tell, what do you or did you do to make Christmas magical for your children?

Last night I made bison burgers and baked eggplant with Monterey jack cheese and chili oil.

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