Thursday, November 19, 2015

Collections for Christmas

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing a dress by Opening Ceremony, an Hermes Scarf and Banana Republic heels.

Next week is bittersweet for me, as it will be the beginning of the last year that I will be decorating for Christmas for clients. I have been doing Christmas decor for clients starting the week of Thanksgiving and going through the second week of December since 1991, the year after I started at The Market Antiques and Home Furnishings. When I went out on my own in November of 2002, it seemed like a good idea to continue Christmas decorating as I built my client base.

Last year, I decided that Christmas 2015 would be my last year hanging garlands and decorating trees as I have gotten too busy to take over two weeks off to devote to Christmas installs.

As I near the beginning of the end, I thought I would share some of my favorite things to do when decorating for Christmas. 

One thing carries over from my aesthetic when accessorizing all year round, and that is grouping collections of things together.

I love to do this at Christmas. 

There are collections of Angels.

Collections of Nutcrackers.

Collections of Christmas themed snow globes.

Collections of Santas.

We disburse this client's collection of Santas among her blue and white porcelain that she keeps out year round.

This client needle points stockings for each family and we display them going up her grand staircase.

This client has a variety of collections that I place around the house.

 Last night for dinner we had Central Market crab cakes with remoulade and a spinach salad.

Love this song by Casey James.

What collections will you be displaying for Christmas?
Grouping your collection, new or old together makes a much more powerful impact than if they are scattered all over the house.

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