Monday, November 16, 2015

Making The Weekend Count!

Editor's Note: My dress is by Kay Unger and my black patent heels are Prada.

In general, I'm not a "sit around and relax" type of person. I really can't be with all of the things I have to accomplish each day, and my weekends are no exception. I have a habit of making my weekends "count" and I really use them to re-set and get ready for the coming week.

Here are some of the things I do to "make it count".

 On Saturday morning I plan our meals for the week. I look in my fridge/pantry/freezer and assess what I do and don't have and shop accordingly. Like I've said, I do a monthly Costco run, but usually I am headed to Central Market on a Saturday to get what I need for the coming week for all our meals.

 Once every few months, I purge things out of closets. I go through my shoes, clothing, accessories and look at what I really need to keep and what I can give away to make room for great new finds!

I go through our mail and separate into piles of "to-do" and junk mail.
This may seem simple, but it helps me stay organized!

 Every other Sunday I get my nails done. I suppose this could be viewed as an hour or so of relaxation and it helps me stay polished!

Instead of buying dresses for events at the last minute, I pay attention to when Neiman's or any other favorite store of mine is having a sale or offering coupons or incentives. It makes much more sense to buy something you need when you can get a deal and it makes getting ready for events a breeze when I already know what I'm wearing.

 I don't work out every single day due mostly to my hectic work schedule, but I do take the time to do so on Saturday and Sunday at Rivercrest Country Club.


 I write thank you notes and respond to party invites. I find it to be a lot less stressful if I take a couple of hours each weekend to write any thank you notes or keep up with correspondence.

 I catch up on design magazines. I always have stacks of these by my bed and I like to go through them on the weekend and earmark interiors for clients or send them pictures on my phone. It's something I don't have much time for during the work week but can do easily on the weekend to get ahead on projects I'm working on.

I set the round table for a small dinner party at my mother's house with the table cloth I had made for Design Inspirations last year. It looked lovely with an arrangement of silk flowers and real pink roses.

For dinner on Saturday we served grilled chicken and baked eggplant.

For my dinner party I am serving tilapia, grilled zucchini, a spinach salad and Gruet Champagne.

I love this Pitbull song and it is so fun to dance around to!

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