Friday, November 20, 2015

The Importance of Giving Back.

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing a skirt from Banana Republic, an Ann Taylor silk blouse, and a sweater from Anthropologie.

I have worked full time all of my adult life, but I have always taken the time outside of work to give back to the wonderful community that I call home.

It is so important to give back and volunteer within your community for as much time as you possibly can.

I started volunteering at the age of 14 at the Child Study Center, working in the snack bar.

During my junior year at Tulane, I taught French to 2nd through 5th graders at a private Catholic school in Covington, LA. I exposed the kids to French during 30 minute classes, twice a week. I drove an hour each way in order to do this.

In my twenties, I worked at John Peter Smith Hospital here in Fort Worth, first in the nursery with the newborns and then in the psych ward. This was part of my placement with the Junior League of Fort Worth.

When I started doing interior design work, I devoted some time to Saint Andrews, where I helped them upgrade the Teenage Room upstairs with paint, new furniture and equipment.
I helped again with my bible study group and re-did rooms at a battered women's center with new sheets and blinds, and provided cleaning supplies.

Currently, I am part of the Jewel Charity Ball committee and I sell chance tickets in the months leading up to the ball. 100 % of the Jewel Charity Ball supports Cook Children's Hospital. My great-grandfather, Dr. Covert was one of the founders of Cook Children's, and it holds a special place in my heart.

Last night for dinner I made turkey burgers and grilled eggplant with oregano, 
chili oil, parsley and Monterey Jack cheese.

This song from The Supremes is one of my favorites.

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