Friday, November 13, 2015

Sentimental Heritage

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing a blouse by Rebecca Taylor, a Rag & Bone skirt and shoes by Ann Taylor.

My favorite part about Fort Worth is how far back my family lineage goes.

I am the fifth generation to live here in Fort Worth.

My great-great grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Scoble were the 1st Generation to live here. He came from England and was the head of the water board here in Fort Worth.
Their daughter was married to Dr. Covert. Dr. and Mrs. Covert, were my grandmother's parents.
My grandmother was Sarah Virginia Covert and Married John Anderson.
They were my Dad's parents.

My parents inherited all sorts of wonderful antiques and accessories from the generations past.

Inherited pieces give a sense of history and heritage to your home.
They add the same interest that antiques do, with the added bonus of a story behind them and a connection to your family.

This carved settee was given to my parent's by Dr. Covert-- it originally sat in The Covert's house on Hemphill Street in Fort Worth. Hemphill was once a grand street that had lots of large houses and estates lining it, as it was close to downtown and the stockyards. In the early 1900's, it was quite the place. Their four story house there was built in 1910 and even had a ballroom on the top level. 
Nanny (Dad's mother) married Dada (my grandfather) in the 1920's in the house on Hemphill.
Sadly, the house was torn down to build a baseball field in 1950's.
Talk about paving paradise to put up a parking lot!

This chest was Nanny's from her master bedroom. It also came out of the Hemphill house.
The plate above it also came from her family.

This console holds lots of little decorative objects and sits behind mother's main sofa.
The most special of which is an opaline glass piece from the 1800's that was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Scoble.

Here is a closer look at it.

This crystal curio cabinet came from One Mama (who was my mother's mother). It holds crystal pieces inherited from various family members.

The china inside this cabinet is Majolica---which were wedding gifts of Nanny's.
They are so beautiful and still look classic today.

This vase that sits on a bookshelf was Mr. and Mrs. Scoble's. It is amber glass with sterling silver inlay.

This box to the right was the Scoble's from the 1800's and has precious stones inlaid into the top.

This painting of Stonewall Jackson also belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Scoble.

These were painted by my great aunt Sissy, who was Dada's sister. I believe her to be the source of my artistic talent.

This secretary belonged to Dr. Covert---he originally came from Michigan. The books are from him too-- they are mostly Shakespeare from the late 1800's.

Last night for dinner we had grilled chicken, baked zucchini and a spinach salad.

This Peter Allen song is a favorite of mine--great to sing along to.
It reminds me of the opening party at Bloomingdale's in Dallas in 1983.

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