Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kay's Favorite Films!

Editor's Note: Today I am wearing a J. Crew blouse, a  Laundry cardigan and a skirt by Nanette Lepore. My flats are also by J.Crew.

I have talked a lot about my favorite things on this blog, but three of the main things that define who I am are being a strong woman, my love of fashion and my talent and passion for interiors.

These three things are recurring themes in my favorite movies of all time. I thought it would be fun to share them today and talk about why each holds a special meaning for me.

1. Steel Magnolias---I love everything about this movie. First, it's not only set in the South, but in Louisiana, where my mother's whole side of the family is from. I love that all of the characters are strong women, and the interiors, albiet very 80's are wonderfully appointed.

2. Gone with the Wind--- This movie is such a classic, and if you have not taken the time to see it, bless your heart, it's so so worth it. Again, set in the South, and I love watching the strong female heroine, Scarlett overcome all sorts of obstacles, some brought on by the Civil War, and others of her own making. The fashion is absolutely stunning and her costume changes are one of the best things about the movie. The interiors are also fabulous, indicative of the richness of the South in the mid 1800's and the grandeur of movies made in the late 1930's.

3. Breakfast at Tiffany's----Audrey Hepburn is again, a strong female lead, and is equal parts beautiful and glamorous in this movie. I love getting lost in movies like this. The fashion is still iconic years and years later.

4. Charade---Another Audrey Hepburn film with a powerhouse woman as the lead (are you sensing a trend here?). The costumes are fabulous and the scenery is breathtaking. I love that it is set in Paris, my most favorite city in the world.

As I'm concluding this movie list with one set in Paris, I must express my sadness and prayers for those affected by the events in Paris on Friday. There is so much beauty in our world, and last week's tragedy was a startling reminder that sometimes that beauty is overshadowed by ugliness.

I love this Whitney Houston song. It is beautiful and uplifting.

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