Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kay's Top Ten Ways to be Frugal!

Last month I went through my Top Ten Splurges. While it is absolutely important to splurge and treat yourself every once in a while, it is also important to save on some things, if for no other reason, to contribute to your shoe fund!

These are my Top Ten ways to be frugal.

1. I color my own hair. I have always done so---since 1972 in my early teens. I used Clairol Luminizer until about 3 years ago and then changed to a different Clairol product, which is Color #10. It saves me time and money to color myself and everyone I admit that to is shocked! I consider this savings to be shoe money.

2. Shopping at Costco. I've talked about this a lot, but I love shopping at Costco, especially to buy meat to divide up into servings and freeze to be pulled out for dinner. It makes my life easier to not have to figure out what meat I need to get on a weekly basis and it saves money. An added bonus is that the meat at Costco is really really good.

3. I only send my clothes to the Dry Cleaners when they really need to be cleaned. You are not helping anyone (least of all your wallet) when you send something to be cleaned that you wore once for an hour.

4. I save ribbon and Christmas tags for wrapping. Gift wrapping is one of my many talents---leftover from lots of years working in the retail industry. When I get pretty bows on things I purchase or presents I receive, I make sure to save them for wrapping presents at Christmastime and through out the year. I also cut the writing off of the bottom of Christmas tags to be re-used later!

5. I make my own flower arrangements. I taught myself years ago and I do it for myself and sometimes for friends or family for my own home every day, for special occasions, and every year I do my own arrangements for my Design Inspirations table. The flowers above are from last year's table.

6. I make my lunch every day. I've talked about this before, but every morning, whether it's during the week and I'm off to work or on the weekend, I make my lunch. It's always spinach or arugula topped with chicken salad and sometimes a little bit of nuts or cheese---what ever I have on hand. Not only does it save me tons of money for shoes---a $10 or $15 for lunch every day adds up, but it's also good for the waistline.

7. Mixing high and low when it comes to dressing. I love Neiman Marcus as much as the next girl, but I make a point to shop at lower end retailers like Banana Republic and Ann Taylor to mix it up and save me a little money instead of buying designer everything. The outfit above is a great example. Banana Republic blouse paired with J Brand jeans and a Cole Haan Belt.

8. I take advantage of when stores are running specials or gift with purchase. I don't use these specials to purchase things I don't need, but if I have makeup I'm almost out of or an outfit I need for an event (a purchase I would be making anyway), it's great to get a "deal" and get a percentage off of your purchase or a free gift.

9. I re-use shopping bags from the fabric showrooms for client bags. As I discussed in my post about organization, I give each client a bag that houses all of their fabrics, finish samples and paperwork. The fabric showrooms always give me my samples in bags, so I recycle those to use for clients. Beats having to purchase extra bags or file boxes!

10. I grow my own mint and rosemary in the backyard. Herbs are expensive at the grocery store, and I love growing my own in little pots in my backyard. I use the mint daily for my ice water and I use the rosemary for lamb chops and chicken when I'm cooking dinner.

Last night for dinner I made Ground turkey with mixed greens, swiss cheese, pumpkin seeds and spicy ranch dressing.

This John Legend song is one of my favorites!

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