Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Designers That Inspire---Part One

I am inspired by a great many things when it comes to interiors. 
Travel, Fashion and Antiques are probably my biggest inspirations.
However, there are a handful of key designers that have inspired my work over the years.
Over the next two days I'd like to share with my readers which designers work I love, and how they have inspired me.

Today I'll be discussing two iconic designers who are no longer with us---Charles Faudree and Sister Parish.

I first became aware of Charles Faudree's work in the early 1990's when I was working at The Market Antiques and Home Furnishings. The owners of The Market were friends with Mr. Faudree and I would study his work in magazines and his books. I love the way he accessorized and how he grouped collections of things and art together to make more of a visual impact. 

My style is inherently traditional with mostly French influences (although there are some English and Asian elements thrown in) and Charles Faudree's love for the design aesthetic in France was one of the things that drew me to his work.

This sounds terrible, but as a designer I am constantly picking apart interiors in my head. I am hard pressed to go into a restaurant, hotel or someone's home without a constant dialogue reel going over and over in my head. I think, "that chair would have been better in a print" or that art is hung too high! Or too low!" "I would have preferred an antique table there".

I feel the same way when I look at interiors in magazines. Especially today, I am constantly shocked at what shelter publications consider to be "good design." Some of it is appalling to me and some of it is downright boring.

However, Charles Faudree's rooms always captivated me and I have yet to see one of his interiors that I didn't love and want to study for hours.

Some of Mr. Faudree's work

Another design inspiration for me was design icon, Sister Parish. She is considered to be the mother of American Interior design by many. I love how layered her interiors are and the thing I find most inspiring about her is how she mixes fabrics. I am a big believer in mixing prints and colors. I love how Sister Parish imagined rooms. They are equal parts beautiful, comfortable and stately.

Today we are headed down to the Escondido resort to shoot a few projects I completed last spring.
This Kenny Loggins song is perfect for the long drive!

Last night's dinner was grilled chicken, sausage and zucchini cut in half.

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