Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kay's Favorite Design Books

Editor's Note: Today is the start of Christmas decorating so I'm more casual than usual! Today I am wearing a Theory blouse, Ann Taylor jeans and Taryn Rose flats.

Design Books are a huge source of inspiration for me and have been throughout my career. I adore design magazines as well, but books have a cohesive quality that I find really wonderful. With the holiday season coming up, I thought it would be good to share my favorites! Be sure to gift one of these for the design aficionado in your life!

I have gotten so many ideas for client projects from this book. It is filled with mostly traditional-English inspired interiors. The interiors are absolutely gorgeous, but also very accessible. 

I love all of Charles Faudree's books and he is hands down my favorite interior designer. This book is my favorite of his. I love the way his French inspired interiors are so full, layered and well- appointed. He is an inspiration to me and I can't help but carefully study every room in this book.

I love Charlotte Moss' aesthetic, and this book is like eye candy for the traditional enthusiast. 
It has Charlotte Moss' usual pinache, very English decor with her certain flair added, but it is warm and cozy. It makes you want to curl up by a crackling fire with a hot toddy!

Do tell, what are your favorite design books?

Last night I made crab cakes with remoulade sauce and a spinach salad.

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