Monday, November 9, 2015

Thelma & Louise!

This spring, my assistant, Mackenzie and I installed four houses on the Escondido resort, which is right next to Horseshoe Bay.

The houses were designed to be vacation rentals and we made each one different, which made it a really fun project to work on. Last Wednesday, we traveled back to Escondido to photograph the houses for my portfolio.

Our wonderful photographer, Danny Piassick met us there and we spent three days shooting the four properties.

On the drive there and back, Mackenzie and I giggled about being like Thelma and Louise, driving through the countryside together.

My outfit for the drive was cute and casual. I like to be comfortable for the drive, but I certainly still dress for the occasion.

We passed through so many darling little towns in the country on our way.

Arriving at Escondido.

The Escondido resort is gorgeous. It feels a lot like you're pulling into a beautiful resort somewhere exotic, although you're barely an hour or so from Austin, TX!

The outside of some of the houses.

We arrived mid-day on Wednesday, reading to start the photo shoot.

Danny even got a few pictures of me in the different living rooms.

We stayed on the resort in one of houses I designed, which was wonderful.
The last morning we were there I had my morning egg, bacon and tea on the veranda.

It was such a lovely morning, and I even spotted a family of deer roaming on the putting green right outside the house.

On our drive back we decided we just had to take a Thelma & Louise style selfie!

My sweet mother was nice enough to pick up grilled chicken at Central Market for when I arrived back home on Friday and I made a simple salad.

Love this Blake Shelton song---one of many that we listened to on the drive!

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