Thursday, November 5, 2015

Designers that Inspire----Part Two

Today we will carry on with my two part series of Designers that Inspire.
Let's talk about three designers who are alive today that I find inspirational.

Joe Minton is a local designer here in Fort Worth, but has found national acclaim for his interiors.
He worked previously as a team with David Corley for Minton-Corley. I have had the great pleasure of admiring Joe's work both in magazines and in real life---having seen many of his interiors in Fort Worth homes.

I love Joe's traditional, layered aesthetic. Everything he does is absolutely beautiful and I love how he mixes antiques and high end upholstery.

Here is a sampling of his work.

The next designer of today is Charlotte Moss. She runs her interior design business out of New York and I love her fresh approach to traditional design. Her aesthetic is feminine, English-inspired and colorful.

Much like Sister Parish, I like how Charlotte mixes fabrics and colors in her interiors.

The third designer on my list is another locally, as well as nationally recognized designer, Betty Lou Phillips. I love her interiors as well, but it's her over a dozen books that have left their mark on me.
She writes books about French design, and being one of my favorite subjects, I am always eager to read them!

My three favorites of Betty Lou's books are as follows:

Inspirations from France & Italy

Unmistakably French

The French Connection

Out of the designers who are still with us today, who inspires you?

We are still shooting our project today, and this 
Temptations song is perfect for a long day on a photo shoot!

The cooking queen is eating in a local seafood restaurant tonight and ordering fish & chips!
A delicious and rare treat for me----not on my diet!

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